DCS Support


To raise a service request, please call 0800 526 526 (available 7x24hrs) and have your contract ID (PRO-00XXXXXXX) ready. Incidents are being processed according to the chosen SLA of the affected DDC (Basic, Standard, Advanced).

Note: From outside of Switzerland, please dial 0041 800 526 526.

For more information about the SLAs, please check to following links:


You may also open a service request by contacting the cloud service desk via e-mail:


You will also need to provide your contract ID (PRO-00XXXXXXX) along with the details of your request. Our agents will reach out to you if any details should be missing. This mailbox is managed during business hours (CET).


Lastly, you also have the option to open a support ticket by submitting an online request on the DCS cloud portal (Tab "Help and Support"). These requests are managed like e-mail during business hours (CET).

Important: For urgent & time-critical cases please ONLY use the telephone hotline. E-mail & online requests are not covered by the SLA and processed on a best-efford basis.

Supported Languages

The DCS support is offered in English, German, French and Italian.

For phone calls: Depending on the availability of our agents and the load of requests at a given time, waiting times may occur for certain languages. Please select English (#2) to avoid any queues, as it is the default language of the DCS service and supported by all agents.

Note: Certain technical support specialists (vendor support, third level engineers, etc.) may only be available in English due to restrictions outside of Swisscom's domain.

DCS Support Organization

The DCS support is the entry point for all inquiries related to the DCS service. The service desk agents will perform a first problem analysis, gather any missing information and route your request to the responsible team.

Support Setup


Team Availability Description
Second level support 24*7 Extended cloud support, product and user support (DCS portal & vCloud Tenant UI / Director).
Third level support 24*7 Cloud ops, technical platform support and DCS architecture troubleshooting.


Team Availability Description
Billing support Business hours Inquirires related to your invoice and the billing process. See also the "Invoice support"
Extranet 24*7 User support and technical troubleshooting related to the Extranet.


Team Availability Description
Professional services Upon agreement Consulting services for requests outside of the DCS service description.
Specialized sales Business hours Sales support for new DCS orders, accounts mutations, etc.

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